What is the key to mitigating pain for persons afflicted with ailments such as cancer or chronic pain? Can the Cannabinoids contribute to this end is being discussed animatedly within the medical community. Will they be able to emerge as a remedy for pain that its supporters hope for is surely a big concern as almost 100 million Americans are confronting chronic pain in their lives. A vast majority of chronic pain sufferers are dependent on prescription medication which has their side-effects. Cannabinoids have also addressed pain management issues with versatility and the healing plant compound CBN (cannabinol) has displayed powerful relaxing properties.

What Is CBN And Its Effects

CBN oil contains various medicinal attributes, that makes it worth understanding. It can treat diverse health issues from curing bones to assisting in sleep. CBN is generated through an oxidation process when THC gets exposed to oxygen or is heated. This is the reason behind the possibility of CBN being prevalent inside aged cannabis due to it’s higher oxygen exposure.

There is a very low THC amount in CBN and it has a distinctive phytochemical profile, as the therapeutic qualities inside the budget altered. While CBN has the characteristics of a sedative, but it does not have any psychoactivity. This cannabinoid can be beneficial in medicating without becoming ”high” or intoxicating.

Researches have presented that CBN can facilitate the growth of bone tissue by promoting indirectly the mesenchymal stem or stromal cells from adjacent bone marrow. Generally, stem cells are recognized for their potential to alter within and become blood cells. Moreover, these stromal or stem cells can also transform into bone and various tissues. This makes them potentially helpful in repairing fractures. A particular impact of CBN in contrast to its bone tissue generating capacity is in furthering the production of cells of the skin. This can be particularly useful in assisting the body’s skin cells generation.

Other beneficial impacts of CBN are namely:

  • Raises testosterone production
  • Augments plasma concentration of hormones that activate the follicle
  • Anticonvulsant quality
  • Stimulates Appetite
  • Curbs overgeneration of mucus inside the lungs
  • Combats allergies

The Role Of CBN In Pain Relief


As a pain reliever, CBN manages various health conditions which include arthritis, nerve impairment, migraines, inflammation and also burns. CBN communicates with the particular sensory nerves inside our body with the help of the discharge of neuropeptides and by vasorelaxation. This was presented in a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience. CBN also provides immense relief to sufferers of insomnia or in cases of lack of sleep due to chronic pain.
The pain-killing properties of CBN also result from it’s anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant nature. Chronic pain also results from medical problems like fibromyalgia or can also emerge from surgery as well as any misalignment inside our body. By calming the nerves which transmit pain signals towards the brain CBN can diminish the frequency and severity of signals transmitted across the nerves towards the brain. By helping in the release of feel-good chemicals like dopamine and indirectly attaching to the endocannabinoid receptors, this non-psychoactive metabolite of THC has been proven to be useful in taking care of extensive fibromyalgia pain to glaucoma pain and even in the treatment of AIDS.

When you mix CBN with CBD, this full-spectrum formula can create pain alleviation so as to enable persons to sleep better that gets affected when a person is afflicted with chronic pain. You can use it for muscle pain and pin or needle-like sensations and numbness. We all are aware that CBN can be traced inside aging cannabis and constitutes one of the 110 cannabinoids prevalent inside the cannabis. CBN shows a three-times higher affinity towards the cannabinoid receptor CB2 and exerts a greater influence on our immune mechanism than the CNS (Central Nervous System) as mentioned by MS John M. McPartland, a researcher in the Univ. Of Vermont in 2001.

Final Thoughts On CBN for Chronic Pain

CBN is an amazing discovery that could perform as an antibiotic and has the power to battle strong infections such as MRSA, which is a serious infection caused by a bacterium that can even lead to amputations as it is resistant to antibiotics. Cannabinol or CBN can also be utilized as a sleep-inducing aid that produces no psychoactive effects and can be used extensively for pain alleviation.

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