The cannabis plant houses almost 113 separate molecular chemical compounds, termed as cannabinoids. The familiar among these are THC and CBD. Others like Cannabinol, or CBN, is attracting plenty of attention on account of its medicinal uses. CBN has non-intoxicating effects and is effective in treating various medical symptoms without causing a high. CBN Helps You To Recover From Nerve Damage

CBN results from the degradation of THC or when THC is exposed to heat or oxygen, which occurs when the buds are left out. CBN resembles aspirin, a non-narcotic analgesic or pain-killer, but thrice as powerful. It is gently psychoactive, and a more potent sedative in comparison to different cannabinoids.

The medical applications of CBN include reduction of pain, convulsions and spasms, inflammation, nausea, insomnia, and free radicals within the bloodstream as an antioxidant. It is also effective in treating nerve damage.

Nerve Damage – What It Is?

Nerves constitute the “telephone wiring” system of the body that transmits messages between the brain and the remainder of the body. Few nerves transport messages from the brain to muscles to enable movement of the body. Other nerves transmit messages concerning pain, temperature, or pressure from the body to the brain. Numerous small fibers are packed within each nerve to transmit the message. An external layer insulates and safeguards the nerves. Occasionally, nerves can get damaged.

Causes Of Nerve Damage

CBN for Nerve Damage
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Nerves can get damaged by excessive pressure, stretching, or with a cut. Carpal tunnel syndrome comprises a problem that emerges from excess pressure upon the median nerve of the hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome may damage the median nerve gradually with time or, in the event of trauma to the region, it can happen much quicker.

A cut upon the nerve can make it impossible to exchange signals, as the signal cannot jump across a gap within the nerve. Stretch injuries on the nerve can extend from gentle, temporary damage to a more serious, permanent damage. The magnitude of the injury rests on the amount of stretch.

Symptoms Of Nerve Damage

CBN for Nerve Damage
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The signs and symptoms of nerve damages can be separated based on the nerve damaged, the kind of injury, and the acuteness of the injury. Few of them may comprise:


Few nerves simply exchange sensation, so nerve damage to these nerves would result in a slight level of numbness.


Apart from sensory nerves, few nerves offer you the capacity to move, and other nerves perform both sensory as well as movement functions. Damage to nerves that transport motor signals result in slight weakness.


This is often a symptom following nerve injury. The pain occurring following nerve damage can be anywhere along the sequence of the nerve but is commonly at the injury spot.

Symptoms of nerve damage may be occurring if the injury recurs, or they may be fixed if the damage is severe. There are numerous signs of nerve damage: muscles that become smaller, color change in the skin and the body modifies itself to the degree of sweat produced in specific areas.

How CBN Is Effective In Nerve Damage

CBN for Nerve Damage

CBN can help with nerve damage due to its neuroprotectant attributes. Besides, CBN helps in nerve damage in the following ways.

A Powerful Neuroprotectant

As a neuroprotectant CBN can control severe neuropathy pain and can effectively lower inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory nature. CBN also safeguards the health of your nerve cells. A damaged nerve cell can worsen your medical condition like in Bell’s Palsy and the neuroprotective benefits which CBN offers can protect against various inflammatory ailments and neurological conditions.

A Strong Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Being an effective anti-inflammatory compound, CBN can treat your nerve cells from debilitating degenerative conditions.

Curbs the Generation of Cytokines

Working like a neuroprotector and an inflammation resisting compound, CBN curbs the growth of cytokines which lowers inflammation and discomfort due to nociceptive pain. CBN also shields the myelin sheath that covers our nerves and acts as a neuroprotective agent by lowering oxidative stress and normalizing glutamate homeostasis. Many nerve problems originate because the neurotransmitters GABA and glutamate work abnormally and remain unbalanced. A robust GABA, as well as glutamate transmission, lessen nerve pain because of a balanced signaling function.

Can Impact the Receptors in the Peripheral System

Our peripheral system consists of nerves and the various nerve pathways. Any damage to this system results in burning sensations in our limbs. In case the nerves are incapable of transmitting signals due to some inadequacy numbness can occur which is known as neuropathy.

In peripheral neuropathy nerve fibers gets impaired or damaged and becomes dysfunctional and transmits incorrect signals towards the pain regions in the CNS. Such a condition brings pain, feebleness, and paresthesias that generally starts from the hands and radiates proximally and affects the nerves. CBN being a strong anticonvulsant and inhibits the reuptake of serotonin-norepinephrine inhibitors can help in improving the life quality of patients with nerve damage.

As a Sleep Aid

The tranquilizing, sedative effect of CBN makes it the most powerful cannabinoid in terms of its potential for sleep ailments emerging from nerve damage. It is also a natural alternative for patients of insomnia, sleep apnea, and different sleep disorders.

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CBN as Pain Relief

CBN can also offer successful pain relief from various conditions like migraines, nerve damage and inflammation. CBN communicates with particular sensory nerves of the body through the discharge of sensory neuropeptides and vasorelaxation. This reaction to pain can happen without impacting the CB1 and CB2 receptors which imply that CBN can function in conjunction with CBD which also lowers pain by stimulating the receptors. Pain alleviation can be improved in conjunction with THC.

Final Thoughts On CBN For Nerve Damage

CBN is a unique cannabinoid with a potential of various effects upon the body that we can benefit from like anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, alleviation of pain, anticonvulsant and anti-insomnia, performs as an appetite stimulant, and a supporter of bone cell development. With a change in our attitude, consumers will discover a greater number of CBN products to enjoy and benefit from like ointments, salves, edibles, tinctures, and capsules.

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