Engaging with the community and working on social issues has made ThoughtCloud expand its vision of “doing good” by linking their core business strategy to finding solutions in building community in the area of education, health, animal care and also global poverty. This has made this leading CBD retailing company that creates the purest, superior quality CBD product for its consumers a genuinely philanthropic enterprise and a societal brand. Giving back to the community is one of the core values that ThoughtCloud believes besides its tremendous reverence for the planet which it reflects by following sustainable, completely vegan practices in manufacturing.

Making Altruism their core philosophy, Thought cloud provides assistance through its foundations that bring about resource building in the lives of people and brings a marked change. With this intent, the conscientious company created by holistic medical practitioner Leo Pena funds ThoughtCloud Foundation Scholarships and Hardship Assistance Programs.

ThoughtCl0ud Foundation Scholarships

Veterans Scholarship

Devised for veterans, this scholarship covers the academic journey of war professionals who have made it to a community college. A brainchild of Leo Pena, former alumni of Irvine Valley College and transfer student of the University of California Davis, the veterans scholarships relieves the economic burden from the shoulders of current student veterans. Moreover, it is aiding the veteran transfer students too, who have embarked on their learning journey and provide them with the funds that they require to acquire a college-level education.

ThoughtCloud seamlessly provides such much-needed assistance financially to veterans who desire to pursue their college education. This helps them to make their transition into civilian life more convenient and at the same time can complete their college learning.
You have to fill out the application form during their scholarship initiative and follow the guidelines laid out in the flyer that is obtainable from the veterans resource center within your particular college. You can recruit to the scholarship program through their following given form.

Such a magnanimous contribution made by ThoughtCloud encourages the veterans and military personnel to achieve their educational objectives. Receiving educational support to pursue their graduation has transformed the lives of veterans who have worry about their finances and the difficult situations in their lives. For such veterans, being bestowed with the ThoughtCloud Scholarship is a huge motivation and also assists in avoiding the expenditure arising from university tuitions. In addition, such scholarship also opens up the opportunity to pursue an internship with different organizations that serve the community and also to gain access to the civilian workforce after graduating. This educational scholarship program for veterans believes in supporting those men and women veterans to attaining the education that expands both their self-esteem and also their scope of employment.

Thought Cloud has in its vision the goal of serving those who have done the highest honor for the nation by serving it. Indeed, the brave men and women who have served the military of the United States deserve such honor and acknowledgment from an indebted nation. Such an educational scholarship is a way in which the organization can express its thanks to the servicemen and the courageous women force. ThoughtCl0ud always backs causes which affect them passionately through their scholarships and hardship assistance initiatives.
You can take a view and listen to the stories of the veteran scholarship holders from the given link.

Philanthropy As A Core Value

Veterans Scholarship
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The ThoughtCloud Foundation emerged from an intent to set up a global community that would assist in creating a satisfying life. This was the core value with which the different assistance program initiated by ThoughtCloud came into being. It advanced social change through the various causes it supports from giving donations to cancer sufferers, providing hardship assistance, building animal shelters and donating to children’s hospital.

Transcending in their social responsibility, this organization believes in transforming the world and make it a better planet for all.

In the same manner, ThoughtCloud maintains its pledge towards creating the purest CBD from seed to the plant and the final product so as to address the health concerns through organic plant healing. Their products are infused with Reiki vibrations making it an exclusive class. The vast line up of ThoughtCl0ud’s product from full spectrum CBD hemp oil, CBG inflammation and allergy formula, High CBN blend pain and sleep formula, first full spectrum bath bombs and ozonated variants of creams and skin products, pet-friendly CBD products and their Signature CBD oil series with varying potencies from 900 mg to 3600 mg all extensively tested to offer a superior grade product with complete healing.

Final Thoughts On Veterans Scholarship

From following the highest standards of customer policy, transparency, and product quality ever since its inception in 2014 ThoughtCloud has come a long way. Its credentials in being a market leader and a big league CBD player with the finest range of pure CBD products, manufacturing organically sustainable plant medicine and as a socially driven charitable organization are without any doubt which makes it a dedicated philanthropic organization for all times to come.

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